How Brú Finance works

Work Process

Brú Finance's innovative fractional bonds mechanism, backed by agri commodities, allows liquidity providers to subscribe to 6-month tenure bonds that generate superior yields with the security of highly liquid collaterals.

The proceeds of these bonds are used to provide short-term, duration-matched loans to participiants in the commodity supply chain such as farmers/traders/processors. The Brú Finance DeFi platform enables users to conduct transactions on-chain, tokenize their assets, borrow money against tokenized assets, and create a secondary market for tokenized assets.

Brú Finance has innovated the tokenisation mechanism for commodities with the introduction of a first of its kind, custodian node that ensures verifiable   Read More

Features of Brú Finance Commodities Backed Bonds

RWA Backed

Backed by commodities to the tune of 140% of the bond value.

Fixed Tenure
Fixed Tenure

6-month tenure to match the loan repayment schedule.

Fractional Ownership

Brú Finance enables fractional ownership of bonds, making it more accessible for retail lenders to subscribe to bonds securitized by real-world assets.

Finance Inclusion
Financial Inclusion

Using blockchain technology, Brú Finance enhances financial inclusion by linking lenders to high-yield securitized farmer bonds.

Better Liquidity
Better Liquidity

Brú Finance's fractional bonds approach lowers barrier to entry and allows even low networth individuals to provide loans thereby boosting liquidity of commodity backed bonds.

Social Impact
Social Impact

With focus on un/underbanked communities in emerging markets, liquidity providers can earn a return on their savings while positively impacting livelihoods of communities needing short-term financial assistance.

mobile apps

Brú Finance App

Unlock the potential of DeFi Lending & Borrowing with our app, granting you access to a global credit marketplace backed by RWA bonds. Benefit from sustainable APYs offered by businesses that create real value across the world.

  • Enter the world of global lending by leveraging your stablecoin holdings to support real-world economic activity.

  • Enjoy sustainable yields and a global reach uncorrelated to the volatile crypto markets.

  • Access liquidity on your terms, with customizable choices catering to your needs.

  • Experience the power of decentralized lending through our user-friendly platform, available on both your phone and browser.

Our Team

Ashish Anand

Co-Founder & CEO

CPA with 18+ years of experience in debt Syndication, Commodity Trade & CFO services and 7 years in Blockchain. He co-Founded 300+ people strong freelancing DAO in 2017 and is active in asset tokenisation space since 2019.


Co-Founder & CTO

Software Engineer with 26 years of experience in IT industry with marquee organisations like Capgemini, iGATE, 3i Infotech, ICICI serving Fortune - 500 clients in BFSI domain.

Rekha Patel

Head of BD & Partnerships

A dynamic and result-oriented professional with over 13 years of experience in Technology & Finance industry managing Business Development, Sales & Client Management verticals.

Ashish Gahlawat

Software Development Lead (Full Stack)

A programming nerd with CS & IT Engineer having years of experience in building production ready and scalable application in Blockchain & Crypto industry.

Adarsh Mohan

Head - Community Management

An Engineer by qualification Adarsh has 6+ years of experience in community management, marketing Process Design & improvement.

Dhaval Parmar

Software Development Lead (Blockchain)

A graduate in Information Technology, Dhaval Parmar is a Blockchain developer with over 3 years of experience. He is skilled in writing smart contracts & web3Js implementation.

Awards and Recognitions

More than 25 awards/grants from highly esteemed organizations.



Frequently Asked questions

What is the meaning behind the name Brú Finance?

The word Brú Comes from the Old Norse language meaning the Bridge. By bringing emerging market asset-backed ESG bonds on DeFi, Brú Finance is bridging the gap between TradFi & DeFi.

How do I lend to the Brú Pool?

Anyone who holds stablecoins like USDC or USDT can visit our platform - and become a liquidity provider. The liquidity provider can deposit the stable coins for a particular lock-in period and earn attractive yield.

What is Brú ?

Globally the largest commodity tokenisation platform ($700 Million and counting), Brú finance leverages decentralised finance rails to create a global commodity finance market. Using its innovative tokenised commodity backed bonds, Brú allows anyone Read more