Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brú ?

Globally the largest commodity tokenisation platform ($700 Million and counting), Brú finance leverages decentralised finance rails to create a global commodity finance market. Using its innovative tokenised commodity backed bonds, Brú allows anyone and everyone to become a commodity finance lender; creating a global network of borrowers and lenders. Brú also uses its proprietary Blockchain solution to eliminate billions of dollars of fraud risk factors such as multiple lending, forged receipts/invoice lending, ghost collaterals inherent in the commodity finance process, Brú the only on-chain lending platform that covers both Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

What is the meaning behind the name Brú Finance?

The word Brú Comes from the Old Norse language meaning the Bridge. By bringing emerging market asset-backed ESG bonds on DeFi, Brú Finance is bridging the gap between TradFi & DeFi.

How do I borrow from the Brú Pool?

Borrowers need their assets stored in a secured partner warehouse, which would have visibility on the platform. Once done with this, borrowers benefit from decentralized, cross-border lending and would eliminate the dependency on any centralized systems in their country.

How do I invest in Brú Finance?

Visit : . or download our App from the playstore - Now you can subscribe or buy the bonds from our platform and can be the liquidity provider.

What is the minimum lock-in period for my investment?

The minimum locking period is 6 months.

Who can invest in Brú Finance?

Anyone with funds. The minimum investment amount is $1000.

What is the room for growth of the Brú Finance platform?

An $8 trillion Credit Gap exists in the emerging market. The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has grown significantly, and lending and borrowing platforms have become increasingly popular. The real-world asset tokenization market is estimated to be $24 Trillion by 2025, and the existing annual market of Asset-Backed Loans is US $4 Trillion. We are trying to use this gap to our advantage to bridge the gap between.

Any purpose of Expansion?

Yes, we just signed an MOU with the Philippines and Africa. We are expanding our services into Asia, Africa, and worldwide.

To use your platform, do users have to do KYC?

Yes, KYC is a must to access the Brú Finance platform.

How does your project bring its products to the average consumer — especially non-crypto users?

We are trying to give them a solution that is already familiar to them, and later we ask them to switch directly to crypto. We do not use any technical keywords that seem difficult to understand.

What are Emerging Market Asset-Backed Bonds?

Emerging Market Asset-Backed bonds are a new asset class, introduced for the first time by Brú to help the crypto subscribers reduce high levels of net worth volatility that has been the achilles heel of Cryptocurrencies. Our Emerging Market Asset-Backed bonds create a unique opportunity for lenders to make a significant social impact while earning stable investment yields.

How do I lend to the Brú Pool?

Anyone who holds stablecoins like USDC or USDT can visit our platform - and become a lender. The lender can deposit the stable coins for a particular lock-in period and earn yield.

Why should I invest in Brú Finance?

In the DeFi ecosystem, lending typically revolves around cryptocurrencies or synthetic assets, which can be very volatile. However, globally, a significant portion of lending is based on real-world assets, which amounts to an astounding $4 trillion. This represents a massive opportunity for DeFi, which has yet to tap into this market. Furthermore, by lending against real-world assets, subscribers can create a more stable portfolio without the daily fluctuations of crypto. Therefore, lending to the Brú Pool offers these distinct advantages.

What is the minimum investment amount? Can I request a lowering of the amount?

The minimum investment amount is $1000. Yes, but to a certain Level.

Will there be any security measures for my investment?

Yes, we are lending the deposits against the RWAs as collateral. In case of a default, we have assets stored in government-owned custodian warehouses.

Your deposits are safe in the Bru Finance pool, so don't worry. Even if we default, you will still get your deposits back along with interest.

What are the prerequisites to knowing about the tokenization of assets in the DeFi market?

In Asset tokenization for the DeFi market, the issuer creates digital tokens on the blockchain network. These tokens are backed by digital or physical assets.

Is there a credit score for lending in Bru Finance?

We are not currently focused on credit score, but rather helping the un/underbanked population by removing the barrier.

How confident are you in keeping investors, customers, and users' data safe while using your platform?

We are very confident in our security and trust. Our developers are working round the clock to make a robust platform. Moreover, we are being audited by the leading audit house in the crypto space.

What is the Minimum/Maximum amount of loan a farmer can get in Bru Finance?

There's no minimum amount of loans for farmers, but $12,500 is the maximum for farmers, which is prone to changes.

Need more help ?

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