About Brú Finance

Brú Finance is India's largest DeFi lending protocol that bring real economic activity into the DeFi ecosystem using tokenized real-world assets rather than digital or synthetic assets. With over $700 million and counting, Brú Finance is creating a new financial market by introducing Tokenization and Asset-backed bonds to DeFi to connect the DeFi ecosystem to the real economy and address the needs of the 1.7 billion unbanked/underbanked people globally.

Brú Finance also facilitates peer-to-peer commodity finance on a global scale, allowing individuals and businesses to access funding for commodity-related activities and thus creating a bridged ecosystem of DeFi and TradFi, channeling the yield-seeking capital from the developed world to the unbanked and the underbanked in emerging markets through an open, borderless, and bankless system of finance, which opens up new opportunities for investment and trade in the global market.

About Us

How Brú Works ?

Brú Finance's innovative fractional bonds mechanism, backed by agri assets, allows liquidity providers to subscribe to 6-month tenure bonds that generate superior yields with the security of highly liquid collaterals.

The proceeds of these bonds are used to provide short-term, duration-matched loans to participiants in the commodity supply chain such as farmers/traders/processors. The Brú Finance DeFi platform enables users to conduct transactions on-chain, tokenize their assets, borrow money against tokenized assets, and create a secondary market for tokenized assets.

Brú Finance has innovated the tokenisation mechanism for commodities with the introduction of a first of its kind, custodian node that ensures verifiable tokenisation of pledged commodities stored in third-party asset custodian warehouses.

This custodian node helps in creating an unique record of commodity backed NFTS with transparency and decentralisation. These NFTs ate locked into smart contracts for lending against tokenised commodities. This integrated approach (Borrower – custodian – asset tokenization – Lending) of connecting DeFi & TradFi is our core USP.

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