How Brú Finance works

Work Process

Brú Finance is building a DeFi lending platform to create bankless finance options for owners of Real-world assets across the globe. Brú Finance is linking real-world assets ranging from agricultural commodities, real estate, gold, mortgages, and receivables to securities with a new DeFi paradigm bringing the two worlds of TradFi and DeFi together.

With over $600 million tokenized assets and over $12 million in disbursed loans, Brú Finance is introducing Fixed Income Asset-backed bonds that match market demand and supply tenure to tenure, providing a better solution for asset-liability mismatch and protecting the protocol from liquidity problems and the risk of collapse. Further, such RWA-backed bonds offer a more stable income source for liquidity providers in the DeFi ecosystem.

Brú Finance allows customers to earn stable interest rates on idle deposits. In addition, Brú Finance is the first DeFi protocol to introduce asset-backed bonds catering to emerging markets. These bonds, qualified for ESG standards, prioritize the interests of farmers and small businesses in these markets, offering a powerful opportunity for growth and development.