Brú Finance Ambassador Program — Season 1

Brú Finance is launching an Ambassador Program for blockchain and DeFi enthusiasts. Ambassadors can create videos or post on Twitter to spread awareness and earn rewards. The program has a total reward pool of $2,000, and all ambassadors must follow community guidelines provided by Brú Finance.

  • Apr 23, 2022
  • Brú Finance

Are you a Designer, Tech Content Creator, Influencer, or just passionate about Blockchain or DeFi projects? Are you interested in being at the forefront of the World’s Largest Tokenization Platform? Then we have a lot of things for you!!!

Globally the largest issuer of tokenized real-world assets, Brú Finance is a DeFi lending protocol connecting decentralized lending to the real economy. In addition, we are launching our Brú Finance Ambassador Program, allowing you to use your creative skills and influencer connections to spread the word about Brú Finance.

Apply now and help us grow the next wave of DeFi while earning exciting rewards!!

Types of Ambassador Engagement:

1. Brú Video Creators

Post Eligibility:

  • 500+ followers or subscribers on any of your preferred social media platforms (YouTube/ Twitter/ Reddit) to qualify for rewards
  • Minimum: 50 views + 10 engagements ( Comments ) across any aforementioned platforms.


  • Post original short videos per week (minimum 30 sec, maximum 10 min)
  • Videos can be on any topic related to Brú Finance platform that will announce weekly during the Ambassadors Meetup.
  • Should post a minimum of one video in a week to continue with the program.
Reward Criteria Bru Points
50 to 100 views + 10 Engagements 20
101 to 1000 views + 15 Engagements 40
1001 to 3000 views + 25 Engagements 80
3001 to 5000 views + 45 Engagements 160

2. Brú Twitter Influencers

Post Eligibility:

  • 500+ followers on Twitter
  • Minimum: 10 engagements per thread ( 10 RT/ Comments )


  • Post original Twitter Threads per week
  • 1 Twitter Thread should comprise five or more Tweets
  • Tweets can be on any topic related to Brú Finance platform that will announce weekly during the Ambassadors Meetup.
  • Should do a minimum 1 Twitter threads per week to continue with the Ambassador Program


Reward Criteria Bru Points
10-20 Engagements /Thread 5
21-30 Engagements /Thread 10
31-40 Engagements /Thread 20
41-50 Engagements /Thread 40
50 Engagements /Thread 80

How to get started?

Step 1: Fill out the details in the application form

Step 2: Wait for confirmation from our official handles. You will get confirmation from the following handles-

  • Official Twitter handle — @bru_finance
  • Official Telegram Id —
  • Official Discord server —
  • Step 3: Become a Brú Ambassador & you are good to go!

    How to fetch your rewards?

    Step 1. Fill out the Task Submission Form

    Step 2. The team will be reviewing the tasks, and rewards will be distributed monthly based on the quality & engagement.

    Total Reward Pool of $2000
    10 Brú Point = 1 USD


    • All the ambassadors will have to follow Brú Finance’s Social Media platforms. Like, Retweet, and share our updates.
    • Join all the events (e.g., AMA’s) organized by the Brú Finance team.
    • The Brú Finance team will be holding weekly meetings on Fridays to announce the theme for the next week.
    • All the selected Ambassadors need to join weekly meetings mandatorily to understand the weekly theme and get clarity directly from the founding team.

    • The Brú Finance team will provide resources related to the weekly theme.
    • Ambassadors will create content based on the weekly theme provided by the team and include specific Hashtags and Taglines in the content. Brú Finance team will provide the Hashtags and Taglines.
    • Tag Brú Finance’s official handles on all the posts made.

    • We will share shortlisted posts & creatives across the Brú Finance SM platforms.
    • Disclaimer:

      • We reward only high-quality and factually correct content (videos/threads) based on the resources provided on the company’s official handles and documents.
      • Brú Finance holds the right to use the contents created by our ambassadors for future purposes.
      • Brú Finance team reserves the right to choose high-quality content and the final decision would be of the Brú Finance team
      • Brú Finance team reserves the right to update/make changes in the program without prior notice.
      • Brú Finance reserves the right to terminate the candidate/ambassador from the program if they violate the community guidelines.
      • Contents that don’t adhere to the weekly theme won’t consider for rewards.
      • Contents should be unique/original and must not be copied from other sources.
      • The Brú Finance team won’t be considering the contents of those ambassadors who don’t attend the weekly meeting.
      • Can report feedback or comments to [email protected]