Brú Finance: Early Community Member Pass (ECMP)

Brú Finance announces ECMP giveaway for 100 early supporters, divided into three tiers with higher rewards for major contributors; passes are swapped as members move up the tiers, with a total supply limited to 100; successful applicants can receive Brú Tokens, NFTs, and access to special giveaways and whitelist, but must meet certain criteria, and referrals will only count if the person stays until distribution.


Base Tier

  • Feb 22, 2022
  • Brú Finance

We, at Brú Finance, are happy to share our Early Community Member Pass (ECMP) details with you. This giveaway will be offered to 100 early supporters of Brú Finance. With this giveaway, we invite new members to join our server and remain active in raising awareness about the project.

The giveaway is divided into 3 parts. The basic prize will be available for all and the highest price will be allocated for major contributors.

How will ECMPs Work?

The total number of passes is fixed at 100. All the 100 early members will initially be given 1 base tier pass for each person. Once someone moves up the ladder to Mid-Tier level, they will swap their base tier pass for the mid-tier pass, and the base tier pass will be burnt. Similarly, those moving to Top Tier will swap their mid-tier card with top-tier card and the mid-tier card will be burnt. This way, the total supply will be always limited to 100.

The 3 tiers of the Giveaway are-

  • ● Base tier
  • ● Mid-tier
  • ● Top tier

The criteria for Base Tier is

  • 1. Follow Brú Finance on Twitter
  • 2. Invite 3 interested friends on the Discord server
  • 3. Remain at least level 1 on the Discord server

Our Early community members who are in Base Tier will get

  • 1. Early community member Pass in the form of a tradable NFT
  • 2. Early member T1 role
  • 3. $50 worth Brú Tokens on IDO launch


The criteria for Mid-tier is-

  • ● Follow Brú.finance on Twitter
  • ● Invite 7 interested friends on the Discord server
  • ● Be at least level 2 on the Discord server
  • Our Mid-tier prize includes-

  • ● Base Tier Benefits +
  • ● Access to special giveaways and whitelist
  • ● No gas fee for 1 month(except transaction on Ethereum network)
  • ● $100 worth Brú tokens on IDO launch
  • The criteria for the Top tier is-

  • ● Follow Brú.finance on Twitter
  • ● Invite 15 interested friends on the Discord server and Twitter
  • ● Be at least level 3 on the server(don’t grind)


The Top tier prize includes-

  • ● Mid-Tier Benefits +
  • ● Early member T3 role
  • ● Special access to private sale and whitelist
  • ● Special airdrops
  • ● 1 special limited edition Brú NFT

And the best news, all the ECMP passes will be tradeable NFT, and don’t forget the top tier ECMP holders will also be entitled to one more NFT (To be unveiled later.)

How to apply?

● Make sure you come under the required criteria

● Fill out the Google form once you become community member on our Discord server

Please note-

1. Do not invite bots on the server, we have measures to detect them.

2. Invite only interested people into the server, we are trying to build a close-knit community.

3. Successful referral will only be counted if the person stays till the distribution of the giveaway.

4. All the eligible winners will get the NFT first with the utility being the prizes, and these utilities can be redeemed after token and platform launch

5. NFTs will be distributed on OpenSea

Please note: Round 1 of the ECMP NFT giveaway is over

30/100 of the ECMPs are claimed.

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