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Bru Finance Points Program

Published On : June 6, 2023

The day you’ve all been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived!

We are excited to announce and introduce the Brú Finance Points Program, now available at CLICK HERE

This program is crafted to quantitatively acknowledge and reward users for their essential contributions to the success of the Brú Finance ecosystem.

About Brú Finance

India’s largest asset tokenization platform with $700 Million of commodities tokenized and $17M of loans issued, Brú Finance is a digital commodity tokenization and on-chain lending protocol transforming the commodity finance landscape with its innovative solutions, paving the way for a robust on-chain credit market in the commodities sector.

What is the Brú Finance Points Program?

At Brú Finance, we firmly believe that a thriving community is the cornerstone of any successful project. This belief holds even greater significance in the crypto world, where true decentralization hinges on the strength of the community supporting the protocol.

To reward our community, we’ve introduced a points program that allows you to earn XP (Experience Points) through various activities. These points can be accumulated to unlock exclusive rewards and benefits. Each task you complete earns you points, contributing to your position on the leaderboard

How to Participate?

To start your journey in the Brú Finance Points Program, you can complete Quests on our Zealy platform. Each task you complete earns you points, contributing to your position on the leaderboard. Here’s how you can get started:

Sign Up: Create an account on our Zealy platform if you haven’t already.

Explore Quests: Browse and explore the available Quests. You can earn points by completing various Quests listed on Zealy. These include:

Onboarding: Read the general instructions and follow our social media handles.

Social Quests: Engage with our social media platforms like Twitter, Twitter, YouTube, Discord etc

Invite your friends to join our Points Program.

Note:- These Quests might change in the future.

Here’s how you can start earning XP and maximize your rewards:.

One-Time Engagement Tasks: Quick Points Boost

Complete these one-time tasks to give your XP a significant boost. These activities are easy to accomplish and offer a great way to accumulate points quickly.

Social Media Engagement

Follow Brú Finance on Twitter

Follow the CEO on Twitter

Join Brú Finance Discord

Follow Brú Finance on Telegram

Subscribe to the Brú Finance YouTube Channel

Follow Brú Finance Medium Page

Submit Metamask Address

Follow Brú Finance on Instagram

Follow Brú Finance on Reddit

Follow Brú Finance on Facebook

Follow Brú Finance on LinkedIn

Follow on Warpcast

Refer Friends

App Download

App Link

App Review

Daily Tasks: Stay Active, Earn More

Like, Comment, and Quote Tweet on Twitter Engage - with Brú Finance’s daily Twitter posts and increase your visibility

Like and Comment on LinkedIn — Show your support by liking and commenting on our daily LinkedIn posts.

Like and Comment on Facebook — Stay connected on Facebook by liking and commenting on our posts.

Community Engagement on Discord- Participate in discussions and contribute to our Discord community.

Community Engagement on Telegram- Join conversations and stay involved in our Telegram group to earn XP daily for your contributions

Community Content Generation XP: Create and Share

Become a content creator and earn XP by sharing your unique insights and creativity about Brú Finance. Here’s how you can earn points through content generation:

Social Media Promotion

Twitter Post about Brú Finance: Share unique and factual content about Brú Finance on Twitter to earn 5 XP per post.

Thread about Brú Finance: Create a thread with a minimum of 5 tweets, including images, infographics, or videos to earn 10 XP per thread.

Meme Creation: Post memes about Brú Finance or its products on Twitter to earn 10 XP per meme.

Infographic Design: Design and share infographics about Brú Finance or its products to earn 15 XP per infographic.

Shilling: Enthusiastically promote Brú Finance with at least 10 meaningful tweets to earn 20 XP for every 10 shills.

Content Creation

Medium Blog Writing — Write a Medium article about the project and share the link of X/Twitter- 25 XP per blog (up to 2 pages)

YouTube Video on Brú Finance — Create a video about Brú Finance and share it on X/Twitter- 1 minute: 25 XP per video

Community Engagement — Start and sustain engaging conversations about Brú Finance’s features and updates- 10 XP

Bonus Task: Extra XP

Partnership Reward — Claim extra XP for a successful partnership referral

Medium Blog Writing — Write a Medium article about the project and share the link of X/Twitter — 50 XP per blog (3–5 pages)

YouTube Video on Brú Finance— Create a video about Brú Finance and share it on X/Twitter! 3 minutes: 50 XP per video and 10 minutes: 100 XP per video

So what are you waiting for?

Go and visit our Quest Page and start your journey now!

Stay engaged, be active, and start collecting your XP today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do I join the Brú Finance Points Program?

Simply sign up on the Zealy platform and start completing Quests to earn points.

Q2: How are points calculated?

Points are awarded based on the completion of Quests on the Zealy platform.

Q3: Can I participate in multiple Quests?

You can participate in as many Quests as possible to maximize your points.

Q4: How to view leaderboard ranking?

Make sure to connect the same wallet that has been connected on Zealy to view the Leaderboard Rank

Q4: Want to give any feedback or want to contact us?

In case of any issues regarding the program reach out to Admins on telegram or hello@Brú.finance

For more updates and latest news about Brú Finance, please join our Twitter Channel, Discord server, LinkedIn, Telegram at

Please join our Discord events and Twitter AMAs to connect directly with our founders and ask your queries.


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