Highlights of the DeFi Deep Dive Event

Brú Finance organized the "DeFi Deep Dive" event on Feb 5, 2022, allowing community members to interact with the founders. The event explored DeFi and its influence on finance, Brú Finance's role in DeFi 2.0, and its link with traditional finance. The Q&A session at the end enlightened participants on tokenization, interest rates, and collateralizing real-world assets.

  • FEB 10, 2022
  • Brú Finance

Hello! Brú Finance Community!!

We are excited to share the success story of our event “DeFi Deep Dive” which was live on our Discord server and LinkedIn on 5th Feb 22 at 4 PM IST

In this event, the founders of Brú Finance interacted with community members.

First of all, thanks for your enthusiasm and engagement during the event.

Let us now move forward to learn more about this enriching event.

After a warm welcome and brief introduction of our founders, Ashish Anand, Abhishek Bhattacharya, and Falguni Pandit, we started our event.

Ashish Anand delivered an insightful session on DeFi, how its emergence is changing the finance ecosystem globally.

Ashish went through the financial crisis in 2008, which led to lowering the trust in banks, government, and media. Even though institutions in the social sector were trustworthy, they did not manage the finance sector.

Then, in 2009, the world witnessed the birth of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The main reason for the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies is that these currencies are programmable money based on code.

The need for programmable money has led to decentralized finance, where all assets can be used for earning passive income. Earlier, even if a borrower holds Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. they could not earn passive income from it. But in the DeFi system, we can use cryptocurrencies for earning passive income.

The first revolution in DeFi 1.0 is the introduction of stable coins pegged with the dollar. Whereas, the second revolution witnessed decentralized money markets or automated exchanges.

Ashish highlighted the role of Brú Finance in DeFi 2.0 and how we are strengthening the real economy. We are connecting TradFi and DeFi worlds by using real-world assets like agri-products as collateral.

On blockchain-based Brú Finance lending and borrowing platform, borrowers can use agri-commodities as collateral. We issue NFTs to the borrowers against their collateral.

Then, Ashish handed over the mic to Abhishek for throwing light on the journey of Brú Finance.

Abhishek informed the audience that Brú Finance has tokenized assets worth USD 500 million and has an association with over 1400 asset custodians. On the technology side, we use Proof of Reserve for bridging the on-chain network and DeFi. He also gave information about the token utility and roadmap of Brú Finance.

Towards the end of the event, there was a question-answer session. While answering the questions from participants, Ashish told participants about how the real-world assets are collateralized, the process of the private sale of tokens, interest rates on the platform, etc.

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