What is Brú Tokenomics

Brú Finance has recently announced the Tokenomics for their Brú Tokens, which appear to be governance tokens that provide community members with certain rights. The tokens are linked to the protocol's cash flow and follow some specific financial norms.

  • Feb 20, 2022
  • Brú Finance

Today we are sharing our Tokenomics for Brú Tokens. Brú Token is a governance token that gives the rights to the community to make proposals for protocol governance, vote on them and set the direction of the protocol.

Brú token also gives the token holders rights in cash flow of the protocol.

We are presenting our Brú Tokenomics for our investors, partners, and community members.

Issuance & Burn Mechanism of New Brú Tokens

In our Initial Token Supply, we will issue 250 M. This number is in direct proportion to Total Real World Assets worth 500 Trillion and Token supply to Global RWA Ratio will be 1:2 million.

The Brú token is a deflationary token set with rate of inflation or deflation set to the After TVL crosses $50M, we will issue new tokens in the ratio of quarterly TVL growth rate.

To provide staking or liquidity rewards, we will release new tokens, which would be independent collateral verification entities. If needed, we can use the newly issued tokens for raising capital to accelerate the growth in new markets. However, these newly issued treasury tokens will be subject to a lock-up period of up to 2- 4 years.


Initial Token Distribution

The total supply of Brú Token is about 250 million, out of which

  • 20 % reserved for Treasury/Future Growth Reserve

  • 25% reserved for Bonding Incentives and Staking Rewards

  • 15% for the Marketing and Operations

  • 15% for the Founding team

Other fractions are

  • Pre-seed 4%

  • Seed 6%

  • Private 7%

  • IDO 1%

  • Advisors 2%

  • ETOPs 5%

Risk Management through Capital Adequacy Norms

Brú Finance follows Basel III capital adequacy norms voluntarily to manage its risk. We have issued Treasury Tokens and Funding Tokens as Tier 1 capital with a minimum capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of 6%. We will consider Staked tokens as Tier II Capital. Our total capital and CAR would consist of Tier I and Tier II and be maintained at an 8% minimum. Except for Perpetual Bonds issued by us, TVL will be treated as Debt and will not be treated as Capital.

Risk Management through Capital Adequacy Norms

Risk Management through Capital Adequacy Norms

Burn Mechanism

If borrowers hold Brú Tokens, they would get

  • 1. Staking rewards

  • 2. Higher cashback with higher loan eligibility at the low-interest rate.

  • 3. Karma Tokens, which are Social impact funding to LP

Brú Token Supply and Distribution

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