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Brú Finance — 2023 in Review

Published On : Dec 28, 2023

In 2023, the digital assets industry experienced significant shifts, including technological advancements, market fluctuations, and evolving government regulations. It was a year of excitement, drama, and groundbreaking innovations. It was a contest between regulations and the crypto industry. The government bodies and the G20 summit members deliberated on a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, while Bitcoin (BTC) fiercely contested the $40,000 price point. It can be said that 2023 marked the beginning of regulatory discussions in this dynamic industry.

The DeFi and Web3 industry also saw quite a lot of developments in 2023, with several centralized and decentralized platforms launching their own services. One industry that gained major traction from both the DeFi and TradFi worlds was the RWA tokenization industry. Riding the wave and leading the narrative, Brú Finance progressed quite well in creating a social impact and financial inclusion this year. Let’s look back at some of the most important things that happened with Brú Finance in 2023.

Started with a BANG!

Based on our success and efforts to create a social impact on the lives of marginal farmers, Brú Finance’s TradFi platform, Whrrl, was awarded the 2022 National Startups Award for financial inclusion. The National Startups Award serves as a validation of Brú Finance’s and reflects the Brú Finance’s commitment to social impact and its innovative approach to fostering a more accessible and equitable financial ecosystem.

When we started on this journey a few years ago, the prospect of recognition from the Indian government was not even a consideration. In our early days, we diligently and swiftly paved our path as the sole platform addressing traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) requirements. Despite initially navigating this landscape alone, the recent assurance and recognition from the government have instilled in us a sense of positivity and confirmation that our trajectory aligns with the right direction. This acknowledgment reinforces our belief that the hard work and dedication invested in our platform have been fruitful and positioned us on a promising path.

One step closer!

In March 2023, we celebrated a pivotal moment with the live introduction of our public beta version. This step opened the doors for our users and community members to actively engage with the Brú Finance DeFi platform, allowing them to explore its array of features. From the tokenization of assets to borrowing funds and contributing to creating a secondary market, users could immerse themselves in the platform’s innovative functionalities.

The beta net launch showcased the platform’s capabilities and became a focal point for community involvement. It generated considerable interest, with over 1800 users submitting valuable feedback and expressing enthusiasm and curiosity while actively testing the platform.

Merely a month later, we had our mainnet launch on April 5th. The mainnet launch marked the official launch of Brú Finance’s DeFi lending platform, which enables users to tokenize real-world assets, such as agri-commodities, and access decentralized lending and trading services. The mainnet launch also opened the opportunity for global investors to participate in Brú Finance’s emerging market asset-backed bonds, secured by physical warehouses and offer high yields and low volatility. With this successful launch, we became the only India-centric DeFi lending protocol to serve the needs of both Web2 and Web3 audiences through our Hybrid platform that bridges the gap between both TradFi and DeFi world.

Making an impact with our platform

In a relatively short span, Brú Finance has already tokenized over $650 million worth of agri commodities and has distributed over $15 million in loans to over 30,000+ farmers in India. With our integrated platform and early success, Brú Finance is well-positioned to scale its operations and become a dominant player in the Indian commodity finance market, estimated to reach $30 billion by 2025.

Throughout this year, Brú Finance partnered with entities such as UBI, TVS Credit, and Bank of Baroda as the institutional lenders on the platform while with Master Card for issuing Co-branded credit cards against tokenized commodities. Brú Finance has achieved significant recognition and backing from influential stakeholders due to its groundbreaking work in agri-commodities financing. Not only has the blockchain venture gained support from various Indian state governments, but it has also secured partnerships with prestigious, esteemed banks and top-tier organizations. International organizations like the UNDP’s SDGia, MassChallenge USA, and ETHDenver have endorsed Brú Finance’s efforts. This widespread support is a testament to Brú Finance’s pioneering status as India’s largest and the world’s leading blockchain platform designed specifically for commodity finance.

With a robust track record of real-world achievements, Brú Finance currently maintains 6 active TradFi lending partnerships and 1500 warehousing partnerships supporting its operations within India. We have also established partnerships with 2 entities focused on expanding into regional Southeast Asian Agri-commodity markets. This represents pioneering progress in utilizing blockchain technology to transform agri-commodities financing on a global scale.

Brú Finance recently set a historic milestone by launching the world’s first tokenized commodity exchange. Brú Finance’s tokenized commodity exchange benefits India’s farmers and small agricultural businesses immensely. It allows them to trade their tokenized farm produce and commodities both within India and on a global scale. This opens up entirely new markets and customer bases that were previously inaccessible.

Throughout the year 203, Brú Finance actively engaged in prominent events and summits, including the Fintech Festival India, Assocham ESG Conclave 2.0t, Matrix Global Summit by TIE Bangalore, Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023, and the Dubai Fintech Festival.

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In addition to its event participation, Brú Finance received notable accolades, such as the Climate Bounty Award 2023, for its commitment to promoting a sustainable environment and creating positive social impact through its platform. The Global Financial Market Review team also recognized Brú Finance with the prestigious title of “Most Innovative Web3 Solution in India.”

A few weeks ago, Brú Finance orchestrated a spectacular event, the RWA Bash, in Bangalore, marking a significant milestone for the platform and its community members. The RWA Bash served as an event for networking, knowledge exchange, and, most importantly, a celebration of the shared journey within the Brú Finance community. The success of the RWA Bash not only echoed the growing influence of Brú Finance within the crypto community but also demonstrated the platform’s dedication to cultivating a vibrant and interconnected user base. This event marked the beginning of a new tradition for Brú Finance, setting the stage for future community-centric initiatives and solidifying its position as a financial platform and a thriving ecosystem that values and celebrates its users.

Looking optimistic and excited for 2024

As we eagerly approach 2024, Brú Finance is excited about the journey ahead leading up to the Token Generation Event (TGE). Our focus extends to expanding our network and partnerships, entering new markets, and engaging with more customers while consistently enhancing our products and services.

Brú is now venturing into supply chain finance, having secured a credit line worth $150 million from partner banks. Additionally, Brú has partnered with Mastercard to introduce a tokenized commodity-backed credit card — a global first.

Initially concentrating on agricultural supply chain financing in India, Brú Finance aims to establish a presence in emerging markets across Asia, Africa, and Latin America in 2023. The goal is to grow internationally by adding more asset-backed lending products to our platform.

Over the next two years, Brú Finance plans to broaden its product suite, including offerings like gold loans, machinery financing, and receivables financing. Determined to become a global leader in fintech, Brú Finance aspires to contribute to a more inclusive, robust, and sustainable financial system. As we bid farewell to 2023, the lessons learned are poised to guide the industry’s trajectory, paving the way for an exciting and hopeful adventure in digital assets.

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