Features of Brú Finance Commodities Backed Bonds

RWA Backed

Backed by commodities to the tune of 140% of the bond value.

Fixed Tenure
Fixed Tenure

6-month tenure to match the loan repayment schedule.

Fractional Ownership

Brú Finance enables fractional ownership of bonds, making it more accessible for retail lenders to subscribe to bonds securitized by real-world assets.

Finance Inclusion
Financial Inclusion

Using blockchain technology, Brú Finance enhances financial inclusion by linking lenders to high-yield securitized farmer bonds.

Better Liquidity
Better Liquidity

Brú Finance's fractional bonds approach lowers barrier to entry and allows even low networth individuals to provide loans thereby boosting liquidity of commodity backed bonds.

Social Impact
Social Impact

With focus on un/underbanked communities in emerging markets, liquidity providers can earn a return on their savings while positively impacting livelihoods of communities needing short-term financial assistance.


Why Brú Finance ?

  • Non-Speculative Assets

    Brú facilitates DeFi against RWAs, which have much lesser associated risks such as market volatility and lack of clarity for their total value backed. The RWAs are not speculative and are not subject to price volatility.

  • Optimum Collateralization

    Better collateralization ratio ranging from 110-140% as the collateral value is pegged to real-world assets.

  • Stable Yield

    Global investment opportunity with fixed, above-inflation interest rates due to the steady nature of the real economy

  • Social Impact Lending

    By building a DeFi lending pool that provides loans against tokenized real-world assets, Brú Finance opens the doors of decentralized finance to the unbanked and underbanked population across the globe.